Terra Culture in Global

Now, in its 12th year of operation, Terra Motors India
has a team of 150 people and has clearly incorporated Terra Culture.

The major reason for Terra’s rapid growth has been the creation of a unique Terra Culture that combines Japanese and Indian values, which has helped us build our current presence in the Indian market.

CEO Ueda spoke at the Global Summit as a representative of Japan

For Further Growth

In 2020, Terra Motors achieved its annual sales target in 5 months. In our newly developed area, North India, we achieved a 200% increase in sales compared to FY2020. We are currently in the midst of a growth phase, along with the rising wave of the Indian EV market.

In the midst of a whirlwind of rapid growth, people sometimes lose sight of where they are headed. Therefore, there may come a time when the members of Terra Motors also feel lost in the world.

However, we will never get off this ship, and we will strive for even greater heights together because we are stronger because of the Terra Culture we have created. Hence, we have clearly stated our corporate culture as a guideline for the behavior of each and every one of us and how our organization should be.

Member Growth Promotes the Company’s Growth.
Terra Culture is distinctively created by Cultural Fusion.

In the global market, Terra Motors, which conducts business activities from its home base in India, understands and adapts to the different cultural backgrounds of India and Japan, and has accepted each other as they are. We have succeeded in an essential cultural fusion through acceptance, creating a unique Terra Culture that no other company can match.

The two pillars of Terra Culture are “Double S (Strategy & System)” and “R&C with 360 (Respect & Corporate)”.

Double S has achieved stable quality and high productivity by developing strategies, which the Japanese team has excelled at, putting them into clear instructions, communicating them to the Indian team, and systematizing them. R&C with 360 (Respect & Co-operate) is an attitude of accepting and respecting different things and helping each other due to the high level of diversity acceptance of the Indian people.

Watch CEO Ueda’s speech about Terra Culture at the kick-off meeting held in Kolkata, India, in 2021 at 3:56 in the video.

2021 Kickoff Meeting at Kolkata

Double S

Strategy & System

We install strategies based on correct analysis of the current situation in all of our business activities, and then speedily execute them to create an organization that can deliver results.

Strategic Supply Chain Management and Meticulous Design Specifications are Critical for Japan-India Collaboration|R&D Shogo Tsuruta