Create World No.1 Product and Service
by Your Own Hands.

Transistor Radio from Sony, Super Cab from Honda, those “world No.1” product always bring us excitement and innovation for our life. Lets make the next World No.1 product together, Let’s surprise the world together.

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Corporate Philosophy

Terra Motors

Terra Group was Founded to Success in the Global Market since its Foundation.

By becoming a company that can create and lead a new market, we will prove that a Japanese Start up can succeed in the world. We will also inspire young generation, and contribute to the creation of society in which competing in the global market and challenging to big goal regardless of risk and obstacles are the norm.

Now is the time for Japan as a whole to rise again.
Terra Group will be at the forefront of this and will bring back the Japanese samurai spirits.

Terra Motors Corporation

Founder and Chairman


Code of Conduct

This is the value that we value in order to fight and win in the world.
We have built a solid track record in the global market, where change and competition are intense, by ensuring that all members of the team do this.

Challenge the World with Ambition

Smart and Quick

Spontaneous and Adding Value

Don’t be preoccupied with common sense, always calculate backwards from the ideal, and think and act on a zero base. Every action should be decided by counting backwards from the goal of how to success in the global market.

Real speed can only be achieved by accurate analysis of current situation. Do something meaningful, not blindly.

The added value created in the process of work leads to the growth of the company and society. Conduct values-conscious activities at all times.

Company General Information

Company Terra Motors Corporation
Foundation April 2010
Representative Toru Tokushige (Founder and chairman), Akihiro Ueda (CEO)
Capital 100 Mil JPY (1.9 Bil JPY incruding capital reserve)
Address Hamamatsu cho Building 12F, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023, Japan
Overseas bases India, Nepal, Taiwan, Bangladesh
Business E-Mobility business, Connected E-Mobility platform business
Employee 250  (As of Febrary 2024)

Award History

2010 The 65th Kawasaki Entrepreneur Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Competition Business Ideas
2010 Eco Japan cup 2010 Business Category Outreach Award
2011 Candidates for the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Japan National Team
2011 EGG JAPAN Innovation Cruiser Global Award Best Company in the Creation Village Business Contest
2012 Japan – U.S. Innovation in Business & Technology Awards 2012 finalists
2012 JAPAN Venture Award 2012 Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
2012 Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2012
2012 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Asia
2013 2012 Independence Club Grand Prize 1st
2013 Selected for the Carbon Cup 2013 Best Social Innovation Award

Company History

2010 Foundation
2012 Achieve No.1 EV 2 wheeler share in Japan market (at that time)
2013 Launched A 4000 i, the world’s first smartphone synchronization EV
2014 Establishment of Indian subsidiary and start of Nepal business
2015 Establishment of Bangladesh subsidiary
2017 Annual EV sales exceed 30,000 units
2018 Number of dealers in India exceeds 250
2022 Start of EV charger business

Share Holders

Masaru Murai

Former Compaq CEO

Koichiro Tsujino

Former Google Japan CEO

Keisuke Honda

KSK Angel Fund