Be No.1 EV×Mobility Platform Company in the World

New technology such as internet, smartphone, update our life drastically.
We will update traffic infrastructure by our service and product and create next generation traffic management system for smart and sustainable society.


Update Traffic Infrastructure by Connected E-Mobility

We are aiming to create next generation traffic management system, which is eco-friendly, convenient, and can lead us to sustainable society. To achieve that vision, we will connect our E-Mobility network by Internet, and create new business model by integration of transportation × Internet.

ESG Management

We believe that “sustainability” is most important for both company growth and society development.
We will reflect SDGs idea to our management decision and commit to achieve SDGs goals for better society.


Create Next Standard of Transportation by Connected E-mobility

We will accurate “own” to “use” trend in the usage of transportation and create new generation transportation management system for better society.


We have a variety of talents who come from different background and nationalities, but everyone has common goal which is “change the world by our business innovation”.

Toru Tokushige

Terra Motors Corporation Founder and chairman

Graduated from Kyushu University’s Faculty of Engineering. After retiring from Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. (at that time), he received an MBA degree in the U.S. and provided hands-on support for core technology ventures in Silicon Valley. After returning to Japan, he started his own business in new industries such as electric vehicles and drones, and is focusing on developing human resources to support those businesses that can success in the world.

Akihiro Ueda

Terra Motors Corporation CEO

Graduated from the Department of Economics, Momoyama Gakuin University. After engaging in overseas business expansion at Sharp Corporation, he joined Terra Motors Corporation in 2015 and successfully launched Bangladesh business as a sales manager. After serving as head of the Group in charge of the 4 Asian countries, he became President in October 2019.


Our vision and future got trust from respective senior investors.
We utilize their knowledge and experience for better decision making.

Masaru Murai

Former Compaq CEO

Koichiro Tsujino

Former Google Japan CEO

Keisuke Honda

KSK Angel Fund


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