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Founder's Message

We are an organization that is serious about creating mega-ventures from Japan. We strongly believe we can do it.

We are seriously looking for people with such a strong feelings.
Why don’t you try to create a historic achievement with your own hand.

“In the Meiji era(1890’s) of Japan, the young elite in each field contributed more than 200% in their respective fields toward the common goal of building a modern nation.
After the war, with the aspiration to “reconstruction of Japan” many world-class companies were born out from empty burnt fields. In these times, Japan as a whole had the spirit of a start-up company in its early days.”

In Silicon Valley, South Korea, Taiwan, and China, fast-growing start-up companies are creating huge numbers of jobs and wealth, and driving the country. On the other hand, in Japan, major companies such as electronics manufacturers have declined, and there is a sense of impending closure at entire japan. Now, the time has come for us to break through this sense of stagnation by creating start-up companies that can lead the world like Japan did in the past.

Job Requirement

Sales & Marketing at Overseas Brunch

Job scope

  1. PL/BS/CF Management
  2. PSI Management
  3. Building sales and marketing strategies
  4. Management of local employees
  5. Improvement of internal operations

You will perform the above tasks with your local staff
We are looking for a person who can lead the team as the center of the overseas branch

Must condition

  • Experienced in business (or division level) management
  • Experience in export and import operations
  • English ability (TOEIC score of 800 or higher is ideal)
  • Understanding of logical thinking and numbers
  • Acceptability and responsiveness to the culture of the country
  • Patience to difficulties and search for solutions
  • The ability to finish something

Welcome condition

  • Experienced overseas brunch at manufacturing company
  • Experienced in the relevant country
Engineer : Hardware Development Leader

Job type

Development of electric tricycles and candidates for quality assurance leaders

Job scope

  1. Development of electric tricycle (Design, analysis, cost preparation, trial manufacture, quality assurance of mass-produced products, specification changes, etc.) * From planning of body concept, specification decision, design, quality assurance for mass production (Sheet Metal/Part), specification change after mass production, etc. You will be responsible for the development and warranty of the vehicle

Must condition

  • Experience in development project management
  • Experience of team management
  • CAD design experience
  • A certain level of English proficiency (The common corporate language is English)
  • People who can communicate cheerfully with people of any nationality
  • Those who are not reluctant to try new things.
  • A patient person
  • A jugaad spirit that tries to cope with any difficulties
  • Those who have the ownership to be responsible for the output to the end
  • Willingness to learn in order to acquire knowledge not only in one area but in many other areas

Welcome condition

  • Development experience in the manufacturing industry
    *Experience in automotive development is more welcome
  • Structural design and analysis experience
  • For those who want to expand EV into the world
  • A person who can propose various ideas independently and make them into a form
Coming Soon

in preparation

Coming Soon

in preparation


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