Sun Mobility and Terra Motors Collaborate to Accelerate EV Adoption in India

Announce plans to integrate Terra Motors’ vehicles with SUN Mobility’s proprietary battery swapping solution for passenger 3-Wheelers and 2- Wheelers by June 2022.

This image represents the collaboration to acceleration of EV industry.
Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility (Right) and Akihiro Ueda, CEO of Terra Motor (Left)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  Terra Motors, a Japanese electric vehicle manufacturer with the vision of creating a new industry and sustainable society, has entered into a strategic partnership with Sun Mobility, the leading provider of battery swapping services for electric vehicles (EVs). Together, the two companies plan to integrate Terra Motors’s 3W passenger vehicles and 2W platforms with SUN Mobility’s swappable battery-based energy solution.

As part of this partnership, Terra Motors’ identified 3W and upcoming 2W models will be integrated by SUN Mobility’s smart swappable battery technology, and those vehicles will then be deployed in several cities across north and east India. By virtue of this collaboration, these EVs will be able to benefit from SUN Mobility’s state-of-the-art battery technology, along with access to its SWAP POINTS™, some of which will also be placed at select Terra Motors dealership locations.

SUN Mobility’s global interoperable smart mobility solution involves modular Smart Batteries™ that are safe, robust, efficient, and connected to the cloud. This system also addresses the issues of extensive charging times and range anxiety, as the spent batteries can be swapped for fully charged ones in a matter of minutes. The network of Quick Interchange Stations (SWAP POINTS™) allows for ‘EV refueling’ in a faster, cheaper, and more convenient manner than for conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. This solution also works on a pay-per-use model that empowers EV users to pay for only the energy used per swap.

Terra Motors and SUN Mobility envision the creation of an ecosystem where the customer has access to the latest battery technologies throughout the lifecycle of their EVs without incurring repetitive costs of battery purchase via the provision of battery-as-a-service under a subscription model.

Commenting on the partnership, Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility, said, “The partnership with Terra Motors will enable us to join them in their mission to create smart and cost-effective transport solutions for last mile connectivity. Terra Motors’ strong presence across the country with robust electric 3-wheeler products and a clear understanding of the e-mobility ecosystem, along with our interoperable battery swap solution, will surely help us to achieve our common goal of accelerating the demand and adoption of EVs in the country.”

Akihiro Ueda, CEO of Terra Motors, said, “The partnership with SUN Mobility, which is a pioneer in the EV battery swapping space, makes Terra Motors’ first such partnership. We hope that this alliance will accelerate the creation of an ecosystem for the promotion of EVs in the country. SUN Mobility’s network in North and South India creates a more convenient and comfortable EV ecosystem for our consumers. Moreover, this will be the first time that charging and swapping infrastructure is being built in the East India region. In addition to the introduction of public charging/swapping infrastructure, SUN Mobility’s advanced technology and expertise, combined with Terra Motors’ extensive sales network and brand power, will add greater value and establish the company as an innovative service provider.”

About SUN Mobility

SUN Mobility is a global leader in providing energy mobility solutions and services to the transportation sector enabling electric vehicles to be refuelled in a faster, cheaper, and more convenient way; thereby, making mass migration to a sustainable, pollution-free future possible. Founded in 2017, it is a joint venture between SUN Group and Maini Group, pioneers in areas of electric mobility and clean energy. The company is led by Chetan Maini, previously founder of Reva now Mahindra Electric, Uday Khemka, Vice Chairman of SUN Group and Ajay Goel, Co-Founder & Executive Director at SUN Mobility. The organisation is working with fleet operators, shared mobility providers, cities and automotive OEMs across all platforms including 2/3 wheelers and buses to challenge the status quo with an economical, scalable, and smarter way forward. The company has successfully deployed 65 Swap Points™ in 15+ cities in India, resulting in 505K rides and powering 13 million kms in the country. For more information, please visit:

About Terra Motors

Terra Motors’ vision is to “create a new industry” and make the society more convenient. Terra Motors is a Japanese global venture company that develops, manufactures, sells, and provides after-sales services for electric two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles (EVs), with the purpose of leading a sustainable e-mobility company. Terra Motors develops mobility platforms across Japan, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, and is based in Japan and India. Terra’s strength is the culture of co-creation that makes EVs accessible to the world.