What Terra Motors Aims for Society 5.0

Connected E-Mobility Creates a New Standard in Society
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Society 5.0 × Terra Motors

Our business has been focused on physical space. However, when we think about what the world should look like in the future, we believe that product development and the launch of new services through data collection and analysis by utilizing IOT, and the accumulation of value added through connection of physical space mobility, will lead to the realization of the next-generation transport infrastructure.

About Society 5.0

Society 5.0 is a new shape of future society that will be realized by incorporating innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, EV, and big data into all industries and societies.

This is the 5th new society in the history of the development of human society, following a hunting society (Society 1.0), an agricultural society (Society 2.0), an industrial society (Society 3.0), and an information society (Society 4.0). In this future society, various social issues such as health and medical care, agriculture and food, environment and climate change, energy, safety and disaster prevention, and human and gender equality will be solved, and a comfortable life will be realized in which necessary goods and services are provided to people who need them regardless of their country, race, age or gender.

This is not the only for developed country society that enjoys success. It is a new human-centered society that can be realized anywhere in the world and where everyone can enjoy a comfortable, dynamic and high-quality life. (Sorce:Japan Business Federation)

How to Achieve Society 5.0

Terra Motors' Commitment to Transport

The next generation of mobility is based on the premise that it will become more flexible and convenient, and it is essential to have an environmentally friendly and sustainable system. To achieve these goals, we believe that the mode of transportation will shift from ownership to the use of public transportation, and Terra is looking for the optimal solution for these platforms by first digitally connecting its own E-mobility and creating new services.

Terra Motors' Commitment to Environment / Energy

We believe that it is our mission to develop clean and environmentally friendly mobility to support sustainable development and make it a new social norm. To achieve this, we collect and analyze data from existing mobility systems using our own mobility network, and reflect this data in product development to enable more practical product development.