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Unlimited potential value created by Connected E-Mobility
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Business Scheme

We have been selling EVs, the next generation of mobility, throughout Asia. In addition to further expansion of these businesses, we will contribute to achieve better society by updating the industry and providing various new values such as Big Data through the use of IOT and digital connection of our E-mobility network.

E-Mobility Business

For the Center of Next-Generation Transport Infrastructure

The E-Mobility business, which is our main business area, continues to grow as it is expected to become the center of next-generation infrastructure, and we expect it to expand further, particularly in Asia. In order to further strengthen our business in these fields, we will continue to create attractive products that are demanded by the market by offering Japanese quality products at appropriate prices and thoroughly developing products based on Market in mind.

E-Mobility Connected Business

Unlimited Potential Value Created by Connected E-Mobility

The E-Mobility business has great potential to transform existing social infrastructure by utilizing IOT and making digital connections. In order to become a market leader in these areas, we will use our existing E-Mobility network to accumulate the necessary information for the next generation of transportation infrastructure and contribute to achieve more convenient and comfortable society.

Connected Battery Network

GPS Information

Running Pattern

Real Time Traffic Information

Battery Information

As part of the Connected business, we will utilize our extensive e-mobility network to connect battery information via cloud system, and promote the collection of BIG data (GPS information, running mileage/pattern, battery information, traffic information) which are necessary for next-generation infrastructure, and it will be used for the development of new products and the creation of new businesses.

Terra App Image

Currently, we are developing our own mobile application and providing it as a gateway to One Stop Solution, aiming to establish a system to centrally manage all services and businesses on the device at hand.






Customer voice






customer voice

Terra Big Data Base Concept

We plan to convert the data which we accumulated from own E-Mobility into a database, making it an Open API, and providing it to various stakeholders so that we can accelerate the digitization of entire society which will contribute to the early realization of a more convenient and efficient society.

Building a Big Data Base through our App Eco System

Utilization in R & D

  • Use for efficient EV development
  • Use in new product development
  • Utilization for introduction of EV infrastructure

Utilization in Customer Segment

  • Use in Marketing
  • One stop solution provided by App

Utilization in Business Segment

  • Providing the credit data
  • Providing the customer purchasing trends data
  • Providing the payment network
  • Providing the Connected E-mobility network

Utilization in Government Segment

  • Providing Information for the Smart City Initiative
  • Providing Information for introduction of charging infrastructure