2. CEO Message

CEO Message

We, the generation after the collapse of the rapid economy growth, have not experienced the “good old days”. What I have seen through my overseas experience is that Japanese companies are overtaken and left behind by global competitors.
Through these experiences, I have a strong sense of crisis that Japan will be left behind by the rest of the world, and the fact that Japan is No. 1 is already in the past.

However, if we look back on the past, we can see that the Japanese people have achieved great achievements that will go down in history, such as the young people who risked their lives to modernize Japan after the Meiji Restoration, and the leaders of the Showa period who started venture companies from the ruins after the war and grew them into famous global companies. It is certain that we Japanese have the ability to achieve great things.

So why has Japan become such a stagnant country? Why has Japan become a country that fears risks and does not take on challenges? Why can’t a new company emerge that can succeed in the global market?

I think the underlying mind of the Japanese people is the main cause. These postures have been fixed for a long time;
It takes a lot of energy to change.

Win in the Global Market

“Win in the global market ” when we believe that we can do it and take it seriously, real excitement and enthusiasm arises which can make us to recall the same feelings as the great men in the past.

In today’s world where information is transmitted instantaneously, exporting japan based business to overseas is no longer viable as same idea already started competitors.

Therefore, since our founding, we have been challenging to achieve success in new industries at overseas market. As a result, our business domain continues to grow to become the center of the next-generation infrastructure, and has evolved into a business with great potential to transform the existing social infrastructure through the use of IOT technology, such as MasS and sharing, in addition to the shift to E-Mobility. And as a result of past challenges, we feel that our brand power is firmly spreading at overseas market.

I believe that start up which achieve big success at global market will surely be born from our country.

We want to be at the top of that group.

Challenges for New Industries

In the new field, transportation and the Internet, we will contribute to a better future for our life by creating a more convenient and efficient next generation social infrastructure through our own E-mobility network which will be updated by advanced technologies.

In order to realize these goals on a global scale, we strive to create an organization centered on people of all nationalities who sympathize with our philosophy and have the courage to create new industries.

Together with these excellent fellow, we will do full commit to our business so that it can produce great results and trigger challenges for as many people as possible, and so that people around the world can enjoy more convenient lives. Regardless of nationality, we would be grateful if many people would empathize with our philosophy and support us.

Terra Motors Corporation CEO