2. Kosuke Nakagawa Interview

Join 2013

Terra Motors Corporation Director and COO
Kosuke Nakagawa

He graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law. He joined Terra Motors Corporation as an intern in 2013. He joined Terra Motors India in 2015. After his assignment, he was mainly in charge of the East India region, where he worked to build a sales network and set up a branch. In 2017, the company achieved 10 times more sales than the previous year, and this will be the driving force behind its return to profitability in fiscal 2018. Terra Motors India pvt ltd Director of Operations for India. In October 2019, he became a director of the head office.

The reason for joining Terra Motors

Creating a innovative social system which create lead to global trends

When I was a college student, my dream was to create a innovative social system which lead to future global Trends.For that, my first step should be becoming talented business person with the ability to coordinate the interests of each partner, involve each stakeholder, and promote business etc., In 2013, I was looking for a place where I could maximize my individual abilities grow as above, and took advantage of my internship opportunity to meet my current position, In Internship, I had enjoyed the culture such as speedy decision making and allocating the work to even young person who are valued in the organization. So, after I finished university, I joined Terra without any doubt.

Sprit for work

Three rules
1.If there are two mountains in front of you, you must climb a higher one
2.Utilize this organization as much as possible
3.Keep self discipline

They are messages I always convey to team.
In the Founding Prospectus of Terra Group, there is the words as ‘By inspiring young people, we will contribute to create society as normal where people take risk, challenge and overcome high hurdles’, And I find this words is valid in this organization.

Of course, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want. It is necessary to determine what should be done and what should not be done in consideration of the company’s history, circumstances and the wishes of shareholders etc.,However, once determine main direction, how to draw the way of doing, step, and even picture which the project bring in future we totally want to count on team. And even expect them to try more than their capacity by utilizing Terra asset. In fact, I found the current team is becoming the style which Terra wish, and we want to strong the kind of culture.

I’m young in terms of age, but I’m one of the oldest member in the group.I’ve seen many people leaving company who is much capable than me. Of course, there were cases where he or she didn’t fit with the company culture , however, as a company, I though we could have done much better.In the future, it will be our job to improve the organization so that more talented people will enjoy the benefit of this organization.

How to grow Terra Motors for future

There are two main points.

The first is to grow as a manufacturer. The second is integration with the Digital field.As our company’s Vision states, IT industry is changing our life style drastically. And, I found that it will be difficult we create presence by the same way as Japanese companies establish a presence in the world in the 20th century.In the automobile industry, though EV and Autonomous is the main direction, but how will our company cut into it in big presence ? It is not an easy challenge, but I would like to challenge this topics by involving all stakeholders with new ideas.

One Day Schedule
6:00 Wake up
8:00 Work check of last day before + preparation of the day
9:00 Come to office
12:00 Meeting (Mainly internal discussion)
13:00 Lunch
External meeting
Networking dinner
23:00 Return home
24:00 Sleeping
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