2. Interview Akihiro Ueda

Join 2015

Terra Motors Corporation CEO
Akihiro Ueda

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Momoyama Gakuin University, joined Sharp Corporation in 2008.
After three years at the head office, he moved to the United Arab Emirates.

After that, he worked in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to expand home appliances business in the Middle East and Africa. He joined Terra Motors Corporation in March 2015, and as a sales manager, grew his Bangladesh business from 0 yen to 1 billion yen. After serving as head of the Group in charge of the 4 Asian countries, he became President in October 2019.

The reason for joining Terra Motors

To create world-class Japanese company.

Originally, I had a strong admiration for the brands of Japanese companies I saw when I was studying abroad, so I joined Sharp Corporation. After that, I was able to get an overseas assignment at an early stage and struggled on the frontline of sales, but I thought that it would be difficult for both individuals and organizations to survive in the global market in the future due to the way large corporations were fighting at that time, so I joined Terra Motors, which had a vision of “Create a world-class Japanese company” as its own vision.

Sprit for work

I can assure you that no company can take this much experience.

After all, the charm of working at Terra is “The culture of leaving things to others when they are competent”.
In my case, when I was transferred to Bangladesh, I was able to produce good results, so in the 3rd year after I joined the company, I was assigned to be the president of a business with a total of 20-3 billion yen. Human resources, financial accounting, sales, business strategy and organizational management are all in charge, and it is unthinkable that they should be done in three countries at the same time, not one. Naturally, the range of capabilities and responsibilities is diverse, and there is a lot of pressure to deliver results, but there is enough discretion and growth opportunity to assert that no company can take this much experience. our company Tokushige often says that terra can achieve 4x growth, but when you actually experience it, you can really feel it. I have worked for a large company, so I can confidently say that the speed of growth is very different.

How to grow Terra Motors for future

Aiming to solve problems in various filed.

I have three visions for the future.

The first is to create world-famous brands from Japan. As an island nation, Japan will become poorer if it cannot survive in overseas markets and if its foreign currency income falls. Before that happens, we would like to achieve success in our business overseas by all means and make the whole of Japan more motivated.

The second is to develop hybrid young human resources with the knowledge, experience, and practical ability of large companies, the speed of decision making and the desire to grow that only venture companies can offer. What I felt in my previous job was that there are a lot of young, talented people who are just young and have no opportunity to grow. The opportunity loss of excellent human resources will be a big loss for Japan in the future, so I hope our company will take the initiative in providing opportunities for the growth of such human resources.

The third is to realize solutions to social issues through business. Countries in which our company operates as a main business face serious social problems such as air pollution and poverty. In order to address these issues, we intend to contribute to the solution of social issues by optimizing transport infrastructure and contributing to the mitigation of air pollution through the utilization of leading-edge technologies such as IOT business, and by creating new jobs and revitalizing local economies through business expansion.

One Day Schedule
6:30 Wake up
8:00 In the office
8:30 Mail checking, 1 day to do list checking
9:00 Prepared materials for external lectures
10:00 Video conference on Nepal project
11:00 Internal meeting to launch new product
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Internal meeting to launch new business division
14:00 Sales progress confirmation meeting in Indian market
16:00 Sales progress confirmation meeting in Indian market
17:00 Mobile conference call with headquarters
19:00 Dinner with outside suppliers
21:00 Return home
22:30 Go to bed
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