No.1 EV charging infrastructure from japan

Terra Charge provided over 4,700 charging points in Japan
since 2022. Terra Charge is the biggest EV charging infrastructure in Japan

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Why Terra?

Japanese Brand

As a Japanese Brand we are creativing an EV-Ecosystem suitable for everyone’s needs and requirement

Fast & Convenient Financing

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Product Customization

We stand out because we meet specific needs as per our market/customer’s requirement/span>

Exceptional service assistance

Our knowledgerable and friendly support team is always there to assist you with your needs.

Innovative R&D Capabilities

Our in-house R&D team continuously develops and improves our products to meet your evloving demands

Our Chargers


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Residential Society

Experience hassle-free and convenient charging solutions for your residential society.

  • Seamless installation of charging stations in your society premises
  • Regular maintenance and support for uninterrupted charging experience
  • Customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of your society
  • Access to Terra Public Charging Stations for additional charging options
  • Click here to get in touch and provide your residents with reliable EV charging infrastructure

Private Business

Power your private business with reliable charging infrastructure

  • Tailored installation of charging stations for your business needs
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for a seamless charging experience
  • Customized billing and reporting options for accurate cost management
  • Access to Terra Public Charging Stations for your employees and customers
  • Click here to electrify your business and support the transition to electric mobility

Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, and Institutes

Provide convenient and eco-friendly charging services to your visitors and guests.

  • Professional installation of charging stations at your facility
  • 24/7 maintenance and support to ensure uninterrupted service
  • Customizable charging plans and payment options for your customers
  • Enhanced customer experience with access to Terra Public Charging Stations
  • Click here to enhance the amenities and sustainability of your establishment

Office or Workplace

Enhance your workplace with sustainable and efficient charging solutions.

  • Expert installation of charging stations tailored to your office or workplace
  • Comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services for uninterrupted charging
  • Integration with existing infrastructure for a seamless user experience
  • Access to Terra Public Charging Stations for employees on the go
  • Click here to transform your office into an EV-friendly environment