Terra Motors introduce Terra Finance in their first Dealer’s Meet in Uttar Pradesh

A plan for a “Better Tomorrow” for all the dealers and customers.

Mr. Himanshu explaining Terra Finance and addressing queries of all dealers.

[Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India] : Terra Motors organized the event on 8th February 2022 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The sole purpose of the event was to meet the dealers of Terra Motors and connect with new potential dealers. About 100 dealers participated in the event. It highlighted the new financial services provided by Terra Finance. Earlier Terra motors was focusing on the Eastern region of India and was known as an East centric company for e-Mobility, however, with the advent of Terra finance, the goal is to become a pan India company starting from focusing on the North region. Consequently, the discussion included the plans to expand the electric vehicle business in Uttar Pradesh aggressively. 

Through Terra Finance, the goal of the current year is to finance 50,000 vehicles with an increase in sales along with a budget of 500 crore in the next three years. “It is only possible to achieve this target with the help of our channel partners”, said Mr Kosuke Nakagawa, Chief Operating Officer of Terra Motors.

Mr Shree Vardhan Poddar explaining about the event procedure.

The event was divided in two sessions in which Shree Vardhan Poddar, Assistant General Manager addressed our guest dealers and showed immense enthusiasm for the existing dealers of Terra. Terra wants to provide full support to the dealers connected to them and solve any problem related to the services claimed by Mr Poddar. He believes, in order to work together and grow together, it is important to have a win-win strategy for all our stakeholders. Dealers working diligently and honestly can support Terra motors and contribute to the growth of the company in the e-Mobility Industry. 

In the second session, Mr. Himanshu, Finance Manager introduced the Terra Finance Service explaining the concept of finance, its benefits and procedure to apply. To explain and solve the queries of dealers, small groups were formed which were headed by different team members of Terra. Check out more about Terra Finance.

Upon inviting the potential dealers to the event, 80% of them turned out to be positive dealers who are interested in Terra Motors. According to Ms. Ishani Vasant, the main reason to draw these dealers towards this event was Terra Finance. The selling of units in UP depends on finance, therefore, having Terra’s own NBFC (Financial Service) was an additional benefit for a successful event.

Terra’s existing dealers are happy to be part of the company. Mr. Satyendra Singh, an existing dealer, has been working with Terra since 2018. He shared that the customers purchasing Terra Motors electric vehicles from him are satisfied with the services. He also mentioned that most of the vehicles in the market are sold on finance, therefore, Terra Finance is going to be the best strategy to increase sales and grow the business. Additionally, it will support the dealers as well as customers. “I would love to recommend Terra Motors to my friends in this e-Mobility industry as Terra Motors is creating a better environment for EV growth”, says Mr. Singh.

Mr. Shafqat Azeem, a prospective dealer, from Allahabad has more than 7 years of experience in e-Mobility and his business is in Chitrakoot, UP. He believes that electric vehicles have a potential to grow more in future and being in the same field, he always looks for opportunities to work with the leading company in the market. “After hearing about Terra Motors from many people and seeing the company grow, I have made a decision to work with the company. There are three aspects of the electric vehicle: Quality, Service and Finance and Terra Motors is providing all three things at its best which is why this is the best opportunity to work with Terra Motors”, says Mr. Azeem.

Check out the glimpse of the Lucknow meet:

Mr Himanshu, Finance Manager explains Terra Finance

The event ended on a good note as there was a positive response from the dealers towards the new service of Terra Finance and business plan for UP. Terra Motors believes in reaching out to the potential dealers and customers and does not wait for the opportunities to knock on the door, instead it creates opportunities for others to support them and grow together.

About Terra Motors : Terra Motors is a global venture from Japan that aims to be a leading sustainable e-mobility company with the vision of “creating new industries and making society more convenient.” EV vehicle development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing (electric two- and three-wheelers).The company handles the entire process of after-sales service and has the largest market share in India for electric three-wheelers, known as “e-rickshaws.” In addition to the Tokyo head office, the company is expanding its business to three other Asian countries, creating job opportunities for low-income people around the world and contributing towards improving their lives and creating a more affluent society.