2. Interview Takayoshi Doi

Join 2020

Terra Motors Corporation Director and CFO
Takayoshi Doi

He graduated from the Department of Mathematical Informatics, Nanzan University. In charge of financial accounting and timely disclosure for listed companies at a nationwide retail company in Japan. In 2016, he joined an unlisted start up company, worked as a front man in preparation for an IPO, and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers Market. He joined Terra Drone, a group company of terra motors, as General Manager of Financial Management in 2019 and became a Director of Terra Motors in 2020.

The reason for joining Terra Motors

Create a new industry

Up until now, I had been working for a company that focused on the Japanese market, but I started to think to become a member of a company that would compete with the world in a larger scale, one that could win in the world, so I joined Terre Drone, which was originally a group company.
At that time, I honestly thought that drones would be more interesting , but as I learned about the EV business, I strongly felt that the development of the EV industry was a socially significant business that involved global environmental issues and job creation, so I decided to join Terra Motors as a member of that business.

Sprit for work

build up the team who take responsibility for each work

What I value in my work is “taking responsibility”. If I decide to do the work, I will do it. Sometimes it may be difficult to make a request, or it may be difficult to decide whether or not to actually do it, but as a result of judging from your own opinion and the opinion of a third party, you can say that “I can’t do it or not do it” means that I have done it with responsibility. I don’t think it’s the best way to work if you give up halfway or don’t make a decision.

However, it takes a lot of determination to keep that feeling alone. For yourself, for your boss, for your team, for your subordinates, we will create a team where everyone has responsibility and pride in their work and helps each other.

How to grow Terra Motors for future

1.take things for granted
2.think in numbers and speak in numbers
3.maintain speed

As for 1 and 2, the idea of being a manager of the management division has been widely expressed, but we would like to thoroughly instill the corporate structure such as “submit a bill to accounting immediately” and “show solid evidence in the sales plan” in all employees, and especially when we think and speak in figures, we would like to thoroughly do so from the viewpoint of cost consciousness as well as sales.

On the other hand, it may be said that this will hinder our strengths as a start up company (quick decision-making and risk-taking attitude), but I personally want to “maintain speed” so that we can continue to move forward with our business at the same speed as we have up to now, even if we cling to powerful front men.

One Day Schedule
6:30 Wake up
8:00 Going to work, processing email, preparing for the day
9:00 Financial services related to payments
10:00 Monthly closing operations
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Meeting with IPO consultants
15:00 Internal structure (Consolidated accounting, governance, etc.) construction work
20:00 Return home
22:00 Lesson for English
24:00 Sleeping